Digital Literacy

Building Digital Confidence in Everyone

D.Lit (short for ‘Digital Literacy’) is a fun and interactive toolkit for the elderly to learn how to use their mobile phones and gain digital confidence. D.Lit comes in the form of easy-to-read sized cards with clear graphics.

D.Lit comes as A Deck of Cards

There are 3 Types of D.Lit cards

The cards are A6 sized, with easy-to-read text and clear graphics of mobile phone screens.

Scenario Cards
e.g., situations where learning a mobile app may be useful.

Skill Cards
e.g., using wifi, camera, mobile data, bluetooth, Grab food, Grab transport, buying on Carousell, selling on Carousell (more to come).

Learning Tracker Card
i.e., for learners to track their own progress.

There are 2 Groups
of People using D.Lit

The Learner
The Facilitator

Learners will learn digital skills while the facilitator clarify steps along the way. Learners track their own learning with the Learning Tracker cards.

We created D.Lit with

A rapid iterative design process

It involved understanding our target audience through research, ideating and creating prototypes, and playtesting them with our SpudnikLab team and senior digital users. With the feedback we received from our playtesters, we refined D.Lit’s design. We’ll be the first to admit that D.Lit is not a perfect product and we hope that as more users interact with it, we’ll receive lots of useful feedback to help us to refine the product further.

About Us

The Team Behind D.Lit

D.Lit is designed and produced by the team at SpudnikLab, with the mission to bridging the digital divide with frugal innovation.

How would you like to be involved?

Be Part of The Movement

For more information about D.Lit or to organise D.Lit sessions with your friends or community, please contact us to organise these sessions for you at a low cost. We welcome anyone keen to learn digital skills as a community and we look forward to hearing from you.